This month Dope Magazine probed some experts in three common cannabis travel destinations. Their goal: to find out what's all right when it comes to toking up overseas. Let’s take a quick look at what they learned. 



When people think of a weed vacation many will think of Jamaica due to their longstanding association with ganja. Despite these ocean-spanning stoner stereotypes, Jamaica didn’t decriminalize cannabis until the winter of 2015. Even then possession could still be regarded as a minor criminal offence. This year, in March, the first Jamaican cannabis dispensary opened, complying with a very tedious set of restrictions, and the Kaya Herb House is now open. Dispensary owner Balram Vasrani did let readers know that buying legal cannabis was ok even if smoked where it was prohibited. Do be warned, however, that without proof of a legal purchase, police will come down on tourists with non-legal cannabis. 



Many cannabis tourists flock to Amsterdam’s red light district every year to enjoy the novelty of smoking at a coffee shop. Provided the buyer is over 18 and not being served alcohol or other drugs, they can be sold small quantities of cannabis products. The conundrum is that the production of cannabis is illegal in the Netherlands, meaning that shops are selling product legally that has been acquired from illegal sources. That being said, if you’re planning to light up in Amsterdam, do so respectfully. Don’t walk through public squares with a stanky joint, and keep confined to coffee shops and private buildings. Also, DO NOT try to take any cannabis across country lines as this is the fastest way to get yourself in trouble with the authorities. 



It was a monumental moment when Uruguay became the first country to legalize cannabis last year. Their fight for legalization began in the ‘90s, and in 2013 they had a major breakthrough with access to medical cannabis in three locations: the pharmacy, home-grows, or becoming members of a cannabis cooperative. The Director of the Cannabis Museum in Montevideo told Dope that cannabis can be enjoyed in any public space in Uruguay, just like tobacco. Police cannot bother tourists for smoking, but it is illegal for outsiders to purchase cannabis. So find a friend to share with, and then getting high in Uruguay won’t be a problem.


These are the top three tourist destinations for cannabis, according to Dope Magazine. Where do you plan on travelling? Any cannabis-friendly destinations? 

  Posted: Tuesday, September 11th, 10:09am 2 months ago
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