Since the legalization of cannabis is moving at a slow pace in the United States of America, U.S.-based cannabis companies are taking their money and businesses, and are going north to Canada. Here are a few examples of U.S. companies that have listed on the cannabis stock exchange.


  • Liberty Health Sciences was one of the first to join the CSE (Cannabis Securities Exchange) back in July of 2017. Since then, a growing number of companies have joined this list.
  • In March of 2018, Cannex Capital became the next to join. Some believe that Jetty Extracts in California will soon be added to this list as Cannex is currently said to be in the process of acquiring Jetty Extracts.
  • Next up in May of 2018 was MedMen. Before going public in Canada, Med Men was able to rally almost a $110 million through private subscriptions.
  • In June of 2018, Green Thumb Industries became the next to join the CSE. They were also voted one of the best workplaces by Crain's Chicago Business.
  • Acreage Holdings is rumoured to be rallying to join the CSE sometime in the fall of 2018. Rumour also has it that Acreage Holdings will conduct the most massive private-equity round ever in U.S. cannabis history, trying to raise a $119 million dollars in funding after they list on the CSE.

So Why Canada?

Canada has embraced cannabis for their citizens since 2009 when they introduced a comprehensive medical cannabis program, which has since served thousands of patients. In October of this year, the country will also be the first G7 nation to have legalized and regulated cannabis for adult retail/recreational purposes. In the United States, there are mass conflictions between federal law and laws in states with “legal” cannabis markets. These conflicts, as well as the fact that the federal government still lists cannabis as a schedule 1 substance, prevent U.S.-based companies from listing on the stock exchange. Naturally, this makes Canada a prime choice to set up shop!

  Posted: Sunday, September 2nd, 10:09pm 3 months ago
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