The Canadian and the US cannabis index have been blossoming for some time. But many analysts have noted that the US index continues to flourish into each quarter. Where does the growth come from? California has been operating a flourishing medical cannabis industry for two decades, and as they welcomed recreational sales at the start of this year, it is only fair that they become the cannabis powerhouse of the states. In Ron Struthers opinion, as published by Streetwise Reports, the next big investment to make is in RISE Life Science Corp. (RLSC:CSE). 

RISE makes consumer products that are focused on another thriving market: health and wellness. More finitely, they will be building a product suite that will carry sexual health products that can be introduced on a global scale. RISE proprietary formulas will be made using CBD-only and introduced to California, before spreading throughout other US states. Once Canada is on-line with their regulatory conditions, RISE is planning to expand North. 

The reason RISE is so attractive is because their product line can exist outside the often confining regulations placed on THC. Using only farm-compliant hemp in their cannabis-wellness products, the company is able to expand while still abiding by US Federal law, not an easy feat. Their recent acquisition of Cultivate Kind, a marketing and branding agency, as well as Life Bloom Organics, LLC., a California company with a specialty in oral CBD sprays, RISE is carefully positioning themselves within the lucrative West Coast cannabis market. With these facts and their sales team already infiltrating the 200 California dispensaries, it won’t be long until RISE is a household name. 

  Posted: Monday, July 30th, 10:09pm 5 months ago
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