In an unprecedented move, the UK government announced Wednesday that starting this fall, they would begin to allow licensed doctors to prescribe medical cannabis to patients with an "exceptional clinical need.” This means that cannabis would not be available for just anyone and everyone that could benefit from it, but rather only those patients who have shown no progress with traditional treatment methods. 

Earlier this year, the UK's top medical advisor urged Sajid Javid, the Home Secretary, to reclassify medical cannabis. This led Javid to order a two-part review to determine whether cannabis has a place in the pharmacopeia of the nation. 

The first part of the evaluation was conducted by Chief Medical Advisor, Professor Dame Sally Davies. This part of the review concluded that there is substantial evidence that cannabis offers therapeutic benefits. The second part of the review led the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD) to officially declare that cannabis does indeed provide medicinal benefits that could help many individuals throughout the UK.

In the recent announcements, Sajid Javid noted, however, that this move is NOT the first step in a bigger plan to legalize recreational cannabis in the country, stating the following:

“Recent cases involving sick children made it clear to me that our position on cannabis-related medicinal products was not satisfactory. This will help patients with an exceptional clinical need, but is in no way a first step to the legislation of cannabis for recreational use."

At this time, there are a few high-profile patients who have received licenses to utilize cannabis, including Billy Caldwell and Alfie Dingley, both children who suffer from severe forms of epilepsy. This is a big win for the thousands of individuals across the country that will benefit from this amazing natural medicine.

  Posted: Thursday, July 26th, 10:09pm 5 months ago
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