As the world warms up to the idea of legal weed, many weed-minded entrepreneurs are branching into products that are all about enhancing the cannabis experience. Better smokable flower, high-end edibles, and micro-dose mints and lozenges are all surging to the market before becoming legal. But there are many other sectors that are evolving, and it’s time to get caught up. 


Cannabis & Sports

While the image of being couch-locked seems antithetical to athletics, cannabis for some has become part of their training. For example, cannabis edibles help long-distance endurance athletes stay in the zone, while cannabis recovery products stimulate the appetite and decrease inflammation. The market for cannabis for athletes is small right now, but the increasing number of 420-supportive clubs, gyms, and athletic associations and leagues is sure to help it grow. If every category in the sports nutrition and protein product market increases until 2020 and beyond, cannabis edibles and recovery products will present many opportunities for innovation and growth.  

Cannabis & Spas

The global wellness industry has increased, reaching a $3.72 trillion market status in 2015, and the cannabis-centric portion of it is only just being developed. Experts firmly believe there's a natural market in building brands, products, and experiences around cannabis’ health and wellness properties.

Boutique Bud Brands

Growers are aiming for higher quality and higher price per pound, which might require cannabis to be positioned similarly to expensive wine, coffee and chocolate. Organic and eco-conscious cannabis, high-end packaging, and a brand story are all essential ingredients of the boutique bud brand. And high-quality starting materials make for high-end concentrates being processed with fewer solvents and more refined techniques.


  Posted: Monday, July 23rd, 10:09pm 5 months ago
Profile PictureWritten By: Davie Dabbs aka Popeye

Davie is a long time cannabis professional who has worked not only as a cultivator but in all aspects of retail cannabis. From budtender, to wholesale and retail management, and from harvester to advanced hydroponic specialist, Davie has been around the block more than once. Now residing in beautiful British Columbia, Davie now works with acres of greenhouses, producing some of the best buds in the country.

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