Getting high using edibles is a completely different experience than smoking a joint or vaping. Anyone who has tried both knows what we mean. But why is this the case? Well, the answer is easy. Science. 

When our body is processing an edible, the THC converts to 11-hydroxy-THC  as it travels through the liver. This is the interaction that creates a more intense, body-centric high that we experience with infused edible products. This is also why it takes a bit longer to feel the high—this metabolization process takes time. When we are smoking weed, we absorb the THC, terpenes and other cannabinoids through our lungs. It is the fastest way to get high. But it also doesn't last as long when compared to the high from eating cannabis. With that being said, there are other factors that contribute to how quickly and how intense our edible experience will be.


Eating edibles is impacted by the following:

  • Amount of food eaten before the edible: empty stomach is best for quick onset and intensity.
  • Personal body chemistry: some people simply have fast or slow metabolisms, which come into play when eating our pot.
  • How quickly your liver processes THC.

It is always important to note that when eating edibles take a responsible dose. Overeating an edible can ruin the experience, so stick with 10-20 mg at first if you’re planning to use cannabis recreationally. For a medicinally minded dose, try a microdose size of 2 mg THC. An edible effect can begin mellow and slowly get more intense over the next 2 hours; other times it can hit us all at once within 30 minutes. For this reason, don’t add more to the mg dosage until after at least two hours have passed, to ensure no overdose is experienced. Simply put, edibles are a more intense high, but they do take longer to reach their full effect. 

  Posted: Tuesday, July 10th, 9:55pm 4 months ago
Profile PictureWritten By: Cara Wietstock

Cara Wietstock is a native Californian living in Washington state with almost a decade of budtender experience and even more stoner experience. While she's not pontificating on the current state of cannabis for Roottie, she is practicing yoga, sipping CBD infused teas and hiking through the Pacific Northwest.

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