In a previous post I told a story about watching The Hobbit two blunts deep with a friend of mine. A movie doesn’t necessarily need to be a slapstick commentary on stoner culture to be a real stoner classic. Let’s be real, most of my favorite movies to watch high don’t have a plot centered around cannabis. Although, I will watch Grandma’s Boy until the day I die. This list is made up of some movies that are simply better with a little buzz.

I tried to make this a ‘Top 5” list, but I’ve gotten too excited and found too much to write about. For this reason, I’m going to keep on posting about my favorite movies to smoke to. These are the first three that came to mind. So pack that bowl, roll that joint, or start heating up that banger; because I’m going to let you in on my favorite movies to toke to right now.

Point Break Before you roll your eyes I want you to know that at first, I only watched this because it was the boyfriend’s night to choose the movie. Personally, I found the idea of remaking a Keanu classic like Point Break a bit silly. But oh my goodness was I wrong. This isn’t just an action packed film of explosions Michael Bay style, it is an amazing display of extreme poly athleticism combined with shots of the most beautiful places in the world. Anyone who loves action films and/or outdoor activities will find themselves enthralled the newer version of Point Break starring Edgar Ramirez and Luke Bracey whether they’re stoned or not. This movie is all about the legendary shots of free climbing, snowboarding, surfing and more. But I should add that the plot doesn’t suck either.

The Jungle Book The stunning cinematography in this live action version of a classic Rudyard Kipling story is just slightly topped by the phenomenal animation of the animals. Add in the pure nostalgia of the story and almost everyone on the planet is sold. Just as we did in the animated version, we follow Mowgli and Bagheera through the jungle and meet all of the familiar characters in this epic version. Balou is voiced by none other than Bill Murray and King Louie the ginormous orangutan is voiced by Christopher Walken. It is truly a film that anyone would love watching, young or old. I will add, however, that a little girl was absolutely terrified of Shere Khan in the theater, so maybe the super littles shouldn’t be hanging out while we watch this one.

Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire All of the Potterheads know that this is the most mystical Harry Potter film in the series. With theTri Wizardcup and all of the bells and whistles that go along with it, this is surely the best Harry Potter movie to watch while blazed. I will add that all of them are good while blazed, this one is just my favorite in particular. And, it doesn’t even get dark until the very end. After the fourth installment the movies get quite intense. Despite the intensity, we still watch all eight films in a row in the period of a week or so every time we watch them. If you’re not as much of a Potterhead, go straight for number four because it is simply the best.

Don’t see a favorite on the list? I’m not surprised, three movies couldn’t cover all of the best stoner flicks. Keep an eye out for another post, in the meantime let us know what you’re Netflixing lately.

  Posted: Tuesday, May 2nd, 5:15am 2 years ago
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