Benefits Of CBD Oil For Dogs


Since cannabis prohibition has begun to break, there has been an influx of people around the world turning to CBD for help with their health. With this knowledge, many pet owners began using CBD oils and tinctures in their own pet’s food. Whether it’s an animal dealing with old age, arthritis, or high anxiety; CBD oil has proven helpful in trial after trial. 

We have an Australian Shepherd who gets separation anxiety. When we were forced to leave him alone at home for longer periods of time, he often would chew on his own foot leaving a ‘hot spot’. As soon as we decided to begin adding in CBD MCT oil, the chewing immediately stopped.

Another personal experience of seeing a pet benefit from CBD recently occurred when a close family friends elderly dog was suffering from dementia. The dogs quality of life had diminished and it rarely knew where it was, let alone how to just be a dog. After watching this with sadness, they started adding in CBD oil to the dogs breakfast each day. With the addition of the CBD, the dog went back to being a dog and would run around and play with their other dogs each morning and would rest comfortably for the rest of the day.

There are so many positive stories about CBD and dogs that many veterinarians in non-legal cannabis states have begun prescribing the oil-based tincture to their clients. However, it is important to note that not all pets will react in the same way to CBD, so make sure you start low and go slow.

If you’re interested to learn more about how CBD could be implemented into your pets life, we suggest you consult your veterinarian and source a high-quality CBD product from a reputable company such as CBD Therapeutics.




July 12, 2018

by Cara Wietstock

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Cara began working in the retail cannabis industry of San Francisco, CA in 2011 and continued in that sector for years. In 2015 she put down her budtender hat and dedicated herself to writing full-time. Her passion for the written word and deep respect for the healing properties of the cannabis plant fuel the passion in her posts.


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