3 Puffs For Chronic Pain


Various research shows that cannabis will relieve chronic pain, and one study with Dr. Mark Ware actually fine tunes their recommendation to three puffs a day. His study concluded that there was medical value to the plant, despite our need for more research regarding dosage.




After this round of research concluded, Ware believed that cannabis actually changes the way that nerves function. “We’ve shown again that cannabis is analgesic,” Ware says. “Clearly, it has medical value.”

This study evaluated 21 men and women at a median age of 45 years old. All of the subjects suffered from chronic nerve pain and were given cannabis in three potency ranges. The 2010 cannabis strains tested at 9.4%, 6%, & 2.5% in various forms. Sometimes the cannabis was in capsules, sometimes in a pipe with instruction to inhale and hold for 10 seconds before exhaling. All of the patients were instructed to continue their normal pain regimen. 

Every time a five-day trial ended patients were asked to rate their pin on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the worst. Pain was reduced down to a 5.4 for those with the highest level of pain, those on the placebo rated their pain at 6.1. At this point, the difference felt modest any increase in quality of life for pain management patients is crucial. 

This research, conducted almost a decade ago, gives viable understanding into cannabis as a replacement for pharmaceutical drugs that cause a bounty of side effects. As Ware concluded after this study was completed, cannabis has medical value, it’s time for pain management doctors to realize that.  

May 17, 2018

by Cara Wietstock

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Cara began working in the retail cannabis industry of San Francisco, CA in 2011 and continued in that sector for years. In 2015 she put down her budtender hat and dedicated herself to writing full-time. Her passion for the written word and deep respect for the healing properties of the cannabis plant fuel the passion in her posts.


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