Seedo released a 2018 Cannabis Price Index which examined 120 cities around the world. They looked at the total consumption of pot by the city, measured in metric tons; the full possible tax collection in millions of U.S. dollars; and, most importantly for this topic, the price per gram in U.S. dollars. Here's what they found:


10 Most Expensive Marijuana Prices Per Gram by City

1. Tokyo, Japan: $32.66

2. Seoul, South Korean: $32.44

3. Kyoto, Japan: $29.65

4. Hong Kong, China: $27.48

5. Bangkok, Thailand: $24.81

6. Dublin, Ireland: $21.63

7. Tallinn, Estonia: $20.98

8. Shanghai, China: $20.82

9. Beijing, China: $20.52

10. Oslo, Norway: $19.14


10 Least Expensive Marijuana Prices Per Gram by City

1. Quito, Ecuador: $1.34

2. Bogota, Colombia: $2.20

3. Asuncion, Paraguay: $2.22

4. Jakarta, Indonesia: $3.74

5. Panama City, Panama: $3.85

6. Johannesburg, South Africa: $4.01

7. Montevideo, Uruguay: $4.15

8. Astana, Kazakhstan: $4.22

9. Antwerp, Belgium: $4.29

10. New Delhi, India: $4.38


The most striking thing is the enormous gap in cannabis prices among these cities. 

A gram of cannabis in the most expensive city, Tokyo, Japan ($32.66 per gram) costs 23 times as much as in the least expensive city, Quito, Ecuador ($1.34 per gram).  

There are no U.S. states on the list, but Washington, D.C. was close to making the expensive list with a per gram cost of $18.08, while Seattle was the cheapest in the U.S. at $7.58 per gram. In Canada, five cities listed in the analysis ranked among the 21 most affordable cities for weed. 

Part of the reason is that cities where pot is unregulated and illegal are much more likely to have higher per gram prices than cities where it's legal. That's because legal areas usually have little issue meeting demand. Whereas wherever we have a prohibition mindset and an opportunistic black market, we tend to find astronomical prices. 

And, according to a report from Marijuana Business Daily released in 2017, legal weed sales are expected to grow by 45% in 2018

  Posted: Wednesday, April 4th, 5:08am 8 months ago
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